Parkside House Sensory Garden

Breakfast In Our Sensory Garden.

Enjoy a tea, coffee and board games in our Sensory Garden on Saturday mornings when the weather is fine.

Most gardens offer visual appeal, but a sensory garden gives a bit more. Our Sensory Garden is a collection of plants and materials with different textures, shapes, colours, scents and heights. The collection of plants and materials is laid out in such a way as to stimulate our senses, seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and tasting. Sensory gardens can also be therapeutic, helping reduce stress and lowering blood pressure by offering a lovely place to escape, to simply relax, to escape from the television, read a book, knit or just feel the leaves. Our garden includes plants such as Lavender, Sage, Rosemary and Mint.

Nothing beats a traditional full Welsh breakfast and when the weather is fine, our residents can enjoy a good old fry up, followed by tea and coffee nestled amongst the sights and aromas of the garden. Our garden is well sheltered at the rear of the building and receives full sunlight all day. Dine on our patio tables or recline for hours in our sun loungers - ideal as the days grow longer and the sun warms up for residents and guests alike.