Inspection Reports

Overall assessment

Overall, the quality of the care given at Parkside care home is of a good standard. People living in the home are generally happy and have opportunities to take part in activities they are interested in. The people we saw were well presented and appeared relaxed and content. We found that staff support people with warmth and in a person centred manner.


We found that people have a sense of belonging in the home. We observed people to be content and comfortable in their surroundings and saw positive relationships between staff and people living in the home. They are generally able to do things which matter to them and as far as possible, are protected from harm.

Care and support

People benefit from the care and support provided at the home. Each person is encouraged to be as healthy as they can be. Care records contain clear guidance for care workers in respect of how people are supported. Medication is managed appropriately and people have access to specialist and medical support where necessary. People receive care in a timely manner. Their health needs are supported by effective liaison and communication with a range of health and social care professionals, in addition to the daily support from a dedicated staff team.


The home is welcoming and the environment is clean, well maintained and decorated to a good standard. Overall it is suited to meet people’s needs. People are able to personalise their rooms with their own items. The home has a comfortable and homely atmosphere, which supports people’s well-being.

Leadership and management

People living in Parkside benefit from having an established management team which has a clear vision and purpose. They have embedded a culture of support and continuous improvement within the service. Staff are valued and supported with developing their knowledge and skills.