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Park Side House - Testimonials
The whole team at Parkside take great pride in the services we provide our residents and their families. Over the years, many families have written comments about the care we have provided for their relatives. Here are just a few examples.

‘It gives me such peace of mind to know that Mum is safe and being so well cared-for by A, R and their team at Parkside House. The staff are, without exception, warm, friendly, caring and professional. They keep me informed and respond swiftly to any concerns. I always feel welcome when I come to see Mum and, at Parkside, our visits are more relaxing and enjoyable that I could have imagined’
J J, daughter of resident

‘The work that you do is exceptional. Thank you all, it has been a pleasure knowing you. I will remember you all for your kindness and patience’
Mrs E daughter of a resident

‘Your team did wonders to make mum’s stay with you so absolutely pleasurable’
Daughter of a resident

‘After Mum suffered a heart attack followed by a stroke my family tried to look after her ourselves. It became evident this solution wasn’t going to work and we made the heart wrenching decision to look for a home. The staff at Parkside were amazing, not only offering support to Mum but also to me, and over the time Mum has been there, through the patience, understanding and kindness of all the staff at Parkside House, Mum has overcome the severe anxiety she was suffering and the time I spend with her now is quality time. Mum is beginning to enjoy life again and the decision to put Mum at Parkside is one I will never regret. Instead of my family feeling isolated and alone whilst trying to provide the best care for Mum I know there is a team around her who are giving her the best possible care and attention, and finally I’m seeing my Mum smiling again’
Mrs SH, daughter of resident

‘At the beginning I was very apprehensive that my mum had to go into a Care Home and not knowing what Parkside would be like I can say that the time mum has spent with you has been like an extended family. All the staff have made me feel so welcome that I have felt that Parkside has become like a second home’
Mr W – son of resident

‘Thank you to all of you for the great care you gave mum whilst with you. I know she was very happy with being a Parkside. Everyone treated her with great care and dignity that she so deserved in her older years’
From the family of a resident

‘I just want to offer a heartfelt word of thanks to all the team at Parkside for the care and love you have given to my mum during her time with you.
Mrs M

‘Mum was reluctant to leave the independence of her own home but the friendly and caring staff made the transaction much smoother than expected’
SH re Betty

One family even wrote a poem -
This is to say thank you so much more
Than words can ever say
Because you were thoughtful and caring
In such a lovely way
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